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The Royal Copenhagen (Den Kongelige Porcelainsfabrik) founded way back in 1775 under the patronage of the Royal House of Denmark, represented by Queen Juliana Maria, is one of the oldest porcelain factories in the world still in existence.


The production of porcelain vases "Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl" is made exclusively by hand, respecting the ancient traditions. During the manufacturing process a vessel passes through the hands of numerous craftsmen. After the first baking pots are glazed and decorated by hand; each of them is, therefore, a unique work that brings the painter's initials. After a new baking and a thorough quality control, the pots are ready to be admired all over the world.


This vase is titled "the daffodils" and is identified by the code "2778/65A". Measure 21 inches high, with a footprint of 14 x 14 cm.


To ensure authenticity the vase bears the logo of Royal Copenhagen, the Crown over three wavy lines, and initials of the painter.


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